NutriClaim’s approach
Novel foods or novel food ingredients have no history of “significant” consumption in the European Union prior to 15 May 1997. Any food or food ingredient that falls within this definition must be authorized according to the Novel Food legislation, Regulation (EC) No 258/97 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 
NutriClaim provides expert assistance in the process of submission of novel food applications. Through an independent, level-headed approach of scienctific data and a private- investigator-like approach towards finding clues to strengthen your case, with teh objective to ensure up-to-date compliance with Novel Food legislation.

Ensure regulatory clarity of your food (ingredient)
Exotic foods and food ingredients, ‘new’ foods or food ingredients derived from animals or plants, foods and food ingredients consisting of or isolated from micro-organisms, fungi or algae and ‘established’ foods and food ingredients produced applying new production techniques, to name some common examples, may not necessarily be allowed to be marketed in the EU as such.

Whether or not your food or food ingredients is a ‘novel food’ is not always obvious. An application may be needed to ensure regulatory clarity about your food or food ingredient’ status.
And, clarity about the regulatory status of your product or ingredient is paramount to gain the trust of your customers and consumers and to maintain good relationships with national enforcements bodies.

New Regulation
The current Novel Food legislation (Reg. EC 258/97) is on its final run and will be replaced by a new Novel Food Regulation in the next future.

Key to the new Novel Food Regulation will be:

  • Switch to a centralised EU-level procedure.
  • Switch to separate risk management and risk assessment.
  • Submission of all applications for the approval of a novel food to the European Commission.
  • Safety evaluation carried out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
  • Removal of GM food from the scope of the Regulation.
  • Removal of the possibility for ‘fast track’ approval (Substantial Equivalence).

Implications transitional period
Applications for Novel Food status that have been submitted under Reg. EC 258/97, but which are not decided upon before the application of the new Novel Food Regulation, are considered to fall under the scope of the new regulation!

Clarity over the Regulatory Status of your food/ingredient will greatly facilitate its acceptance by Industry, Regulators and Consumers and is imperative for your food/ingredient to bear a health claim.