Sports Nutrition is an area surrounded by myths. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, however, special sports foods and food supplements are too costly not to take benefit of. NutriClaim applies a level-headed, science-based, critical approach towards evaluating and advicing on sports nutrition while appreciating a healthy, balanced diet as the basis for any performance.

Even, ordinary foods may have unexpected potential as a sports food, as shown in a recent publication in the the scientific journal ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise’ (2011 Jun;43(6):1125-31).

Cycling performance significantly improved by dietary nitrate!

Time trial performance is often crucial for the overall victory in the great Tours. Researchers from Exeter University have now discovered that a few sips of beetroot juice a day may bring this glorious moment closer within reach. They showed that when competitive cyclists drank 0.5 L of beetroot juice, both 4-km and 16-km time trial performance was significantly improved. Cyclists on beetroot juice were on average 14 sec. faster in the 4-km stage which even increased to an amazing 42 sec. in the 16-km stage.

The amazing performance enhancing properties of beetroot juice derives from its high content of dietary nitrate. Earlier research showed that dietary nitrate extended time-to-exhaustion in competitive cyclists by 15-25%, which was estimated to correspond to a 1-2% increase in performance. Now, the Exeter study actually showed enhanced performance by beetroot juice that was mediated by an improvement in cycling economy – dietary nitrate enhanced power output for the same VO2.

In the video clip, professor Andy Jones explains his research findings.