NutriClaim authored Datamonitor’s Health Claims 2012 report.

This report considers the implications of the adoption of EC Regulation 1924/2006. In addition to summarizing the results of the new legislation, the report examines what options now face manufacturers in this sector, what strategies can be employed to navigate the new regulations, and what opportunities have emerged due to the changing regulatory environment. For many ingredients left without a […] >> read more

Chocolate? Beyond confectionary!

What makes cocoa antioxidants so attractive? Are cocoa flavanols rivalling the success of superfruit as health powerhouses? Updates on recently applied cocoa health claims under the European Union nutrition and health claims regulations. Take your sweets! Fi-Conference 2012 – Natural Antioxidants Module 4B >> read more

Health Claims Consultant Dr. Stoffer Loman of NutriClaim speaks at FI Europe 2012

How to capitalize on existing research to push your health claim through? Health claims for Cardiovascular health benefits were among the first to be authorized. Even, up to now the majority of authorized health claims relate to cardiovascular health. However, despite a wealth of existing scientific research, soy proteins did not achieve ‘health claim’ status. Is the effect just not […] >> read more

Claimed effect – Chocolate milk refuels muscles after exercise!

Will this Sports Nutrition Claim drive chocolate milk into the fast lane? Recent studies have indeed shown that chocolate milk aids recovery from intense physical exercise as good as any sports recov drink. Due to its naturally balanced composition, glycogen stores are replenished and protein synthesis is stimulated. At least, that is what the studies tell us. Will EFSA judge the same? […] >> read more